The Rebel Collective is a New England based Irish/American pub rock/Celtic Folk-Punk band formed by two cousins, Michael Green and Brian Waldron. With their own booze-soaked style, The Rebel Collective pulls songs from both popular and lesser-known traditional Irish songs, contemporary covers, and original compositions. The band refers to themselves as a collective because on any given night the band may consist of many different musicians. With Michael Green and Brian Waldron as founders and Ross Ketchum joining shortly after to create the central hub, the rest of the band fills in with more family, friends, and new faces each night, creating a different experience every performance while maintaining a familiar sound. 

The Rebel Collective formed in the spring of 2015 after Brian and Michael had talked about playing Irish songs together for years. Brian picked up an old accordion to accompany Michael’s acoustic guitar and the Rebel Collective was formed by filling in drums and bass with friends for a few gigs. Their cousin, Ross Ketchum, decided to join soon after on mandolin and the band began getting serious. Michael wrote some originals songs and the band began having great opportunities to play alongside great acts like the legendary Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones, Enter the Haggis, Albanach, Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys!

Their St. Patrick’s Day season books a year in advance and the band continues to enjoy learning more Celtic standards and writing new songs. They are working on recording some of their original material in 2018 and continuing to provide audiences with fun filled performances that blend 3 part harmonies and rowdy instrumentation. Be sure to catch them live and have a pint or 10.