Stolen Instruments give you a new perspective.

So if you have't noticed on our facebook page, I had some of my instruments stolen. Not just any instruments (lord knows I have my fair share) but my beloved Martin D28 and my two mandolins. As the mandolin player in this band, you can imagine my horror finding my tools were missing. Its not the monetary value of the Mandolins or D28 that hurt the most, but the memories lost. As a musician you don't realize how much you take your gear for granted. We pour our hearts out on stage to provide a good show. The energy comes from the player but is flowed threw the instrument and that truly makes said instrument a vital part of you. Our hearts and soul flow threw these tools of the trade. My heart was broken thinking I would never see these tools again. Thank god the person that bought the Martin D28 off the thief, saw my video on facebook and decided to do the right thing and reach out to me. Without hesitation he offered my guitar back to me, not asking for the money spent, but just wanted me to reunited with my guitar. I can't even tell you all what that meant to me as musician and fellow human being. With so much going wrong in the world, this person is truly a shining light for humanity. We have all become so numb to the feelings of others and that is just sad. I'am guilty of this. When this person gave me the guitar back he apologize and even gave me a hug. He could see it on my face what his actions meant. What I have to say is be kind, don't play with peoples emotions and for heaven sakes don't steal from people. You have no clue what that does to someone. It leaves you feeling sick and violated, you have just stolen memories or even worse someones lively hood. My mandolins are still missing and at this point will probably never see them again. It makes me sad knowing what I have done with those instruments, the memories of the Dropkick show and of course the Highland games. 

To everyone that has reached out to me for support or even offering up their gear, THANK YOU! You have no idea what this show of love had meant to me and the boys in the band. As I write the original video has been seen over 4k times and has been share well over 100 times by you all. That goes to show what kind of fans and friends we have! 

Thank you for believing in this little band!